Hi there,

I want to talk about a very important setting that all Operators should be aware of when deploying / managing their Azure Stack regions and that is Storage Account recovery.

We all know someone that has forgotten to add locks to their resource groups and then rather than selecting a single object and hitting delete, has selected the delete resource group option.

Below I will show you how to setup the Storage Account recovery settings in your Azure Stack and then how to recover a storage account..

Setting up the retention period for deleted storage accounts.

  1. Go to your admin portal using this URL:- https://adminportal.{region}.{DNS Suffix}/#blade/Microsoft_Health_Admin/StorageManagementMenuBlade/configuration_blade
  2. Under Configuration set your retention period for deleted accounts in days. My default is 14 days.

That’s as easy as it is. The only trick is to remember to set it up BEFORE you need it.

Recovering Storage Accounts

  1. User deletes the storage account.

Notice that the user is told this will permanently delete the storage account

2. Now go back into the admin portal using this url:- https://adminportal.{region}.{DNS Suffix}/#blade/Microsoft_Health_Admin/StorageManagementMenuBlade/overview and use the storage account status drop down

3. Select the storage account and use the recover option.

4. In a few minutes, back in the tenant subscription. The storage account is now recovered and back in use.

Hope this helps.